Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our sleep schedules seem to have flipped, so for breakfast we're having Thanksgiving dinner. The aggregation of aromas is wafting through the air - turkey, peppers & onions, squash, potatoes - and we just woke up (well, at around 11 pm.)

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there in the journaling community - we are very thankful for all of you!



dbp2000 said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day meal!!


jcrazytrain said...

HAPPYTHANKSGIVING TO YOU TWO TOO  LOL:O))) No smells for me yet not til 1:30 :o( XOXO D

louie0768 said...

Sleep during the day and lurk at that sounds like a plan to me. Well, the sleep part.

You two have an absolutely superb Thanksgiving Bon and Mal. Our family sends you big, warm hugs and many smiling faces. God bless you both and for heavens sake, don't over stuff yourselves!!!!!

thinkingoutloud said...

Happy Thanksgiving Day to you two nuts!

LOL @ the snow angels;0)

Enjoy the day-

sunnyside46 said...

and I am thakful for my friends in the dark of night

mutualaide said...

And I for YOU!  Hope you enjoyed the holiday and your breakfast!

tsgerkin said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you Bon & Mal!  Stop by for a minute, there is someone I want you to meet.



randlprysock said...

Sounds delicious!  Hope ya'll had a wonderful holiday!  Hugs,

ckays1967 said...

I sure hope that you made enough for breakfast this morning too.....

God bless you both!


tsgerkin said...

And I am thankful for both of you!  Come over for moment, we have another new Rocker that I'd like you to meet.  The tea is spiked and Ayn has great Video Music playing.

Love and hugs,


aynetal3 said...

Hmm, come over to say hi and I find dishes stacked all over the kitchen sink and counter, wafty smells, and only one large mouse to return formal courtesy.  Odd, perhaps I've the wrong address!