Friday, November 18, 2005

Left Behind

We wanted to, we started to, do a post on the splitting of J-land by a chasm called AOL advertising. A large chunk of the community has been pulled away by this 'calamity'.

We, too, as so many others have, began a journal over at blogspot, we're using it mainly as an archival resource and a place in which to pull together a number of previously disjointed posts (well, ok, they're still disjointed, but more coherent than before.) For now, we'll probably be gathering up previously posted puzzles and reposting them there.

But we can't let go of this community. The members of longest standing seem to be the ones most outraged and most determined to turn their backs, and we too felt betrayed, but we have not yet been here long enough to give it up as a bad job. There are good people here, and those of us determined to fight the good fight will stay and continue the bonds we have formed.

This will probably be our last post on this particular subject; we'd like to move on, and Sunday is almost here. To all those who have been left behind, we're glad you're here; keep in touch and we'll all be fine.

To those who have moved on, we bid a fond farewell.



sunnyside46 said...

Hi!  (virtually running up and hugging you)
Cmon in....there's dinner in the big pot on the was your day?

mymaracas said...

I'm glad to hear you're keeping this journal. We've known each other only a short time, but you already feel like family.

fitzzer said...

That's how I'm feeling too. But I have a feeling there aren't going to be many of us left here in JLand. Sad. A positive spin on it will be I might be able to keep up with my alerts...just maybe.