Monday, November 7, 2005

A Quick Note

As you can see, it's almost 2 am here; I've been up for about 5 hours and have watched a lot of tv; I've just finished reading all the emails, and I'm getting hungry. Instead of leaving comments in a lot of journals, I'd just really like to say hi to Deanna,Lori and Celeste, say thanks to LeAnn for her well-wishes (and I'll be reading your entries shortly), and send hugs, kisses and a big thank-you to Vicki for plugging Bon and me.

I'm working up an entry on my transformation from butterfly to caterpillar; I'm just not sure, as yet, how I want to tell the tale. I will not make of this journal a continuing saga of my infirmity, but I feel it necessary to at least give you some idea of how my life has changed.

May the Creator bless and keep you.



fitzzer said...

You're so sweet - big hellos & hugs right back at you friend!
I'm a night owl and love to be up at that hour whenever I can. It's so calm & peaceful. But I hope you got some sleep! Even butterflies need their rest...
~ Lori

louie0768 said...

Hey, no thanks necessary!!!! We all know that life is full of loops and surprises that seem to find us and uproot our sense of sanity, life, happiness...heeeee, just keep reading my journal. LOL

As far as writing about it? A little drama, a little spice along with a touch of humor and voila...your tale will be wonderful I am sure...You are good at writing what you do write. I patiently await your tale.

Until then, focus on what you need to do to feel better!!!!!!!

jcrazytrain said...

OHHHHH how sweet of you! Hello to you too. So what did you have vor a 2AM snack:o) You know I love hearing about food.  Take Care XOXO D