Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Our Locals Seen

One of the reasons we love Hallowe'en is because our party stores and factory outlets issue cheesy circulars advertising their vast selection of even cheesier costumes. Here are some of our favorites from this year -

Our hands-down favorite has to be the whoopie cushion. Here are a few more -


How do they come up with this stuff??

Here's an ad from our favorite li'l grocery store -

Damn! We missed the first Black Friday specials! If only we had known! (Now all we need do is figure out exactly what a Black Friday Special is. It must really be special, since it's first come, first served.

Lastly, our favorite car commercial guy -

We love Rich Ferrari - he's so earnest in his sales pitch, and, as you can see, his favorite slogan is "You can't stack cars!" delivered in a nasal, whiny voice. A number of commercials have run for months on end repeating this plaintive message. But the most amusing upshot is a commercial for a rival dealership, Joseph Neri Ford, in which a crane can be seen placing one car atop another ... cut to a closeup of the crane operator, revealed to be Joe Neri himself, grinning widely and saying, "Who says you can't?" We love it.

I thought, as I aged, I was through with rebellion ...

Thanks to aol, I'm a reborn hellion.




louie0768 said...

Of course I like the baby banana and have to agree with you on the whoopi cusion. My kids would love that one! Your "black friday' special? What the heck is that????? Are you going to go because you know it's a teaser just to get people to come into the store.

When Pat and I went out to a Halloween party there were a group of people dressed in Austin Powers garb. They looked great. Fat Bast***, Austin, Dr. Evil, the assistant and the women bots. Don't know what they're called but all the same they looked good. In order to get costumes like this we have to travel to the cities. Unless of course we go to the local walmart and get the standard Freddy Krueger.

fitzzer said...

what great ads! hindsight "cracks" no pun intended ;) me up.

fitzzer said...

PS. it's always nice visiting you & as a plus I get to see what's happening back home! Did you get the snow yet? I'm bringing my snow suit with me so I can go out and play! lol

randlprysock said...

Scary!!  That guy in the Elvis costume is busting out of his shirt!  Hugs,

mymaracas said...

LOL You guys are so much fun. (Of course, you're talking to a mom who once included whoopie cushions in the kids' Easter baskets. "Fun" is highly subjective.)

mutualaide said...

I'm with you!  It's the whoopie cushion!  We have a number of them floating about our lives, my youngest likes to 'get her dad'!

You maybe a reborn hellion, but heck, if you're a product of the sixties -- that's exactly what you should be!  LOL

sunnyside46 said...

I wish I could see "God's gift,"