Wednesday, November 9, 2005


We're sorry, we're sorry, we're sorry! Blame our aging brain cells; they aren't always firing on all synapses. We forgot Vicki (we knew we'd forget someone.)

Go visit this marvelous lady at her journal Maraca - she is interested in investing, she loves games and has a special sense of humor.



thinkingoutloud said...

Happy Anniversary!

Niki :)

louie0768 said...

Ummmm, yeah blame it on the age but I wonder if it may be your birthday present with the dancing mice and the kazoos causing your short term memory loss.....hmmm, something to ponder  ; )~

sunnyside46 said...

I think it is the pot and not the age! you have lost some brain cells, true, but every good tree needs pruning now and again!

fitzzer said...

You forgot me too...but that's already gave me props before! :)

mymaracas said...

LOL -- no problems, and thanks again for the props. You guys are da best.