Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Continuing Crisis

Bonnie and I wanted to assure you, our friends and visitors, that we will continue to post here in this journal; it is, after all, our first, and it has grown on us.

Even though we went through AOLHell yesterday, it wasn't all bad. We'd like to thank "Don" the AOL tech guy, for doing his level best to help (although, for all we know, his real name is Rajneesh Surubindanam or perhaps HAL 9000) and Joe Loong the Journals Editor, who suffered a shitstorm of criticism yesterday, but was unfailingly polite when we presented him with our problem and took the time to help us out,  and we must also thank Christina of "My Journey With MS", who offered us the correct solution, even though we incompletely understood the information that she passed along.

As of this moment, we are still forced to access our journal through a stand-alone browser - if we enter the normal way, we are treated as guests rather than owners. This added step takes slightly more time and is annoying, and should be unnecessary. It is to AOL's everlasting discredit that they did not bother to consider the inconvenience to their paying customers. We are unfortunately paid up for a year, but when that year ends, we will seriously consider using another ISP. We have local ISP's that would, we're sure, be ecstatic to have us as customers.

We are not enamored of having to suffer a thoroughly unpleasant and aggravating experience. Last night we received a "fix" program, but it experienced a "compatibility problem" and stopped responding, so the fix was never completed. We're unhappy about that, also.

Those of you who have Symantec's product installed on your PC do not see the ads, we have discovered, so if you don't like having to endure viewing them, you might consider their firewall and anti-virus programs.


Joe, we just wanted to thank you again for your invaluable help yesterday. You were forced to endure a lot of misdirected criticism (a position that Mal has personally been in) and it had to have been at least a tad uncomfortable. There are those of us who understand that you personally were not responsible for this ill-advised mess, and we want you to know that. We would just like you to pass along to the corporate honchos that J-land is not happy about this state of affairs. It is disrespectful and an affront to those of us who are subscribers.Thanx.

Bon & Mal



danniboo05 said...

hey i found your link and just wanted to give you mine if you get bored stop by and check it out and tell  me what you think

louie0768 said...

Morning. WELL, I couldn't continue on AOL even if I wanted to. I cannot post anything even still. But once Pat and I can afford to make the switch to a different server and get DSL, we are switching.

My journal is all screwed up again anyway at AOL. Upon copying all of my entries, the numbers were all messed up, my counter has been set back numerous times, I lost information a couple of times, nearly lost all of my links another time, I am just tired of dealing with all the problems.

Guess you could say that I'm ornery about all of this stuff eh? Sorry. But I will continue to visit both of your journals and will be doing so. I found a way in which I could get emails when someone leaves me a comment at my blog so that makes me feel a little better. And having control over who comments, approving comments, etc. Found all that this morning so I was happy about that.

Anyway, I am going to go post something political now...probably don't want to read it...heheehe

Have a great day.