Thursday, November 17, 2005

Wow! More Props!

In brash defiance of aol's attempt to drive us into a different blogging realm, we are still here, and a new visitor has dropped by our little clearing in the woods. We say hello to Cyndy of the journal CEEGEE AT LARGE! Stop by and greet her.

Be sure, whatever you do, to shun (we repeat: SHUN) the hungry-for-excessive-advertising-space Bank of America. A pox upon their enterprise! (Thanx to Lori and Cyndy for letting us know what nefarious evildoer is attempting to acquire eyeballs at the expense of our journal.)

For those of you who still can see ads, you could try going into Internet Explorer, clicking on TOOLS, clicking on POP-UP BLOCKER, clicking on POP-UP BLOCKER SETTINGS, and checking to see if AOL is allowed. If it is, remove it. It might kill the ads.




jcrazytrain said...

I have never liked B Of A they screwed me on my daddy's trust when he died.

fitzzer said...

Cyndy is awesome isn't she - sooo funny too!

mutualaide said...

Hey Bonnie & Mal!  Thanks for continually passing on cool little tidbits of help!  I have done the adapter rebuild with still no luck on saving my entries in AOL, so I am still going through the back door.

I'm trying to get over it.  I remember two sayings my mother used to have on little placques by the kitchen door.

Travel East
Travel West
After all
Home is best.

The other, I cannot for the life of me remember the first line or two, but the end was:

Back door guests are best.

So, while I'm a bit of a snob and prefer the front door, I'll settle for the back for another 24 hours!  Yikes.  Day 4!

sunnyside46 said...

Mal, you asked me to tell you who you were pimping today. It is Verizon Wireless.
I love Cyndee. SHe got me through some difficult nights when I hurt my back. Have you seen her artwork? it is as lovely as she is

randlprysock said...

I'm seeing a kodak add on your journal for the moment.  Hugs,